A persian woman speaks- PREMATURE EJACULATION

Wars are created by men who don’t know what love is and by their co dependent women who have lost their souls to patriarchy. premature ejaculation are the bo…


  1. And that is why I like you 😉 You´r like a Persian Dalailama for me and
    sorry when I can´t remember name of woman with I can compare you…maybe
    Mrs. M.Curie? 😀 but that isn´t a big so much what I´m talking about :))
    But you « right now » told why I dont know that…half of my life I was
    teached just about a half of things and I know that…But it´s changing now
    and you´r part of that, if nothing, you helped « one old man » and showing
    him how to be better…thank you o=)

  2. The patriarchy is a myth, women have more power than men in one key, and
    most important role; they choose whom to reproduce with. Genetic
    dispositions for violence is preferred by women, and in turn pass on the
    trait that « keeps them enslaved ».
    If woman want a role in this world, stop sleeping with men who have poor
    qualities, find a nice nerdy guy who will contribute something. Don’t
    listen to this lady, she’s trying to use spiritualism as a valid argument.

  3. My Queen; a thought: I believe that YT is keeping your View Counts
    artificially LOW. The nature and timing of your Message(s) is perhaps
    provocative and threatening enough to the status quo of TPTB/Matrix that
    controlling and playing DOWNM the appearance of how popular you are
    actually becoming has become a priority.

    I can offer no proof. This is an educated guess, based on experience and

    Please Continue and THANK You

  4. Your words resonate deeply. They give me goose bumps! You speak for my
    heart of hearts & my awareness of how Human Beings can be living. I agree,
    we’re in a critical time period of choice, that means life or death, for
    our species, a time of necessary awakening, to our higher HUMAN INTEGRITY!

  5. I think she gets it…But I have to say that as an Anglo-Saxon man I know
    there are many women out there who are PREMATURE EJACULATORS too who would
    play the whore every bit as well as the male whores of the political class
    do. It’s the whoring around for bling that is bleeding our soul and NOT
    « patriarchy » or some edifice of power or authority figure. Hillary Clinton
    comes to mind as an example, but men know them as a STAGE 5 CLINGER rather
    than a PREMATURE EJACULATOR. Love of money is at the root of the

  6. the way of the Heart is the reason for being on earth
    those who embrace their enlightened hearts
    fulfill their lives
    heaven on earth here and now

    but earth is a place for slow learners …………….

  7. intelligent enough and wise enough to stop violence? I agree with you we
    (humans) are murdering this planet…Superiority of one over the other is
    not the answer either… You say wise words that resonate well with me…
    but you only use it on a small minute aspect of this world.. « Man v women »
    ..Your last few phrases where you say one species is no more superior than
    another on this planet.. Absolutely agree.
    My point may be a little unclear right now, so I’ll explain. I agree with
    mostly all you say but if it only applies to humans and not the whole
    world, than your comments are nothing more than hypocritical. There should
    be no violence to animals –

    When I see down trodden women, it makes me laugh – You want change? Yet you
    think slaughtering animals is fine? The animal is the woman, and the woman
    is the « patriarch » In that scenario it’s perfectly fine?

    Forget all the stuff I said – Doesn’t it bother you billions upon billions
    of animals are killed every day? Doesn’t even 1 part of your « developed »
    mind think killing animals is wrong? I’m not going to worry or waste my
    time trying to solve an extremely small % of people on this planet that
    gets killed / abused / raped / beaten..etc compared to how many animals are
    slaughtered every day.

    Dying animal vs dying human no question … save the animal every time – I
    am disgusted by the human race, and the quicker we’re gone the better it
    will be.

  8. The block against love is the foundation stone of all Patriarchal
    religions. Marmar’s point about Men and Women stopping war is what
    Shakespeare was talking about in Romeo and Juliet. The Montagues and the
    Capulets were feuding families and their Love could have united both
    houses, but in the end it had to be their deaths that finally reconciled
    their families. 

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