Endorectal per-ejaculatory ultrasonographic study provides a new insight in the mechanics of ejaculation. Presented at the SIU-1994 congress (Sydney, Austral…


  1. It is a fantastic video and because of my sight problems I couldn’t
    possibly be either a gynaecologist or urologist – but I know I can still
    learn all about it logically. I just like to learn about anything I find
    interesting even if I couldn’t possibly get into the career. Thank you for
    the extremely interesting video. Craig.

  2. @johnbaptist15 Well on the one hand , it might be a bit obsessive
    masturbating that many times daily, but at the end of the day, the moral is
    that masturbation is perfectly normal, healthy and a way to get pleasure 🙂
    it also makes you happy when you ejaculate since orgasms release
    endorphines which give you a sudden wave of happiness 🙂 so don’t be
    ashamed mate, just avoid gaining a significant obsession because then it
    might seem awkward. I masturbate often too so don’t worry 🙂

  3. more confirmation on our awesomeness fellas. not that i wanna ejaculate
    with any of you. 20 contractions though? for some reason that seems like a
    lot. perhaps they’re so minute we don’t feel them? then again that was a
    hell (or heaven) of an orgasm at least from the endorectal ultrasonographic
    perspective but does it look any different from an ejaculation as a result
    of sole prostate stimulation? or sex? is it possible the brain can subtly
    alter the mechanics? just curious -> pause -_-

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