Cure Premature Ejaculation with Hypnosis – Part 1 FREE Hypnosis session in Part 2 (((Coupon Code is LASTLONGER))) How to stop premature ejaculation. Hypnosis is a powerful way to…


  1. @3333333333k I got carried away that day (that was 7 months ago it
    appears). Wendi is just fine, nothing to say there. I like her
    presentations/videos very much. I found myself being very sarcastic about a
    certain practice in the US …but now i see I was applying it in reverse…
    an error. Forget my comment.

  2. If the genesis of your PE is psychological then this may work. I had
    secere prostatits and no mental training would help. My Dr. gave me some
    Promescent to try and it worked vey well. I use it every time I make love
    now. No matter what what causes your PE I hope uyou are able to rid
    yourself of the problem. I tried many products and techniques and they were
    mostly garbage. Promescent was the one product that did exacty what it
    advertised it would do.

  3. mmmm kkk….please dont tell me that someone pays for this! im pro for
    everyone to pay for whatever makes them happy but lets all face it, its
    just porn…a very weird and freaky way of getting off i suppose. and its
    ok to do what ever you like and pay for this but for the lady porn host,
    please dont make people think that you could change anything about their
    life’s with those videos. just my tu fitty 🙂

  4. So many people giving the subconscious theory crap… If only you knew what
    people are capable of when they shed the ego and go to the root of your
    mind. Spend a few months researching and it won’t be so funny anymore…

  5. Can you enlighten me as to what my original comment was as it appears to be
    gone now? I didn’t remove it so presumably the hypnosis wifey did and I
    can’t remember what it was. Knowing how smart and witty I am I’m upset that
    it is no longer there for the world to enjoy.

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  11. Premature Ejaculation is a very common and very serious problem suffer by 1
    out of 4 males. The causes of premature ejaculation range from person to
    person and from psychological to physical. Men are frustrated of having
    ejaculation prior to female’s orgasm. The average time a male suffering
    from premature ejaculation is less than 5 minutes of intercourse before
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