Ejaculation After a Spinal Cord Injury

In this video I discuss different methods of achieving ejaculation post spinal cord injury using vibratory stimulation and electro stimulation.


  1. I have had an AD headache caused from a different situation and I ranked
    the pain up with my original back fracture. I literally felt like my head
    was going to split open and I sincerely would not wish that pain on my
    worst enemy.

  2. I’m in incomplete c7….and I have similar issues too. I’ve tired the
    vibration and it hasn’t worked. The electrical was painful and since I’m
    only trying for pleasure, it wasn’t good for me. Only way is intense
    masturbation of the head of the penis but I physically give out before it
    comes….. Your video are of great help to the SCI world….thanks for
    doing them.

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