End Premature Ejaculation and Last Longer in Bed

http://www.freehypnosissessions.com/end-premature-ejaculation-last-longer-in-bed-hypnosis-session.html Say goodbye to premature ejaculation (PE) with this la…


  1. It is a real pleasure to share these sessions with others. I have helped a
    great number of clients at my hypnosis practice for this issue so I do know
    how successful hypnosis can be for this.

  2. I watched this video last night and tonight when my girlfriend came over
    she was amazed, she couldn’t believe how long I lasted and not only that
    but how confident I was and how good I was. I didn’t think it would work
    all that much. My girlfriend said it was the best sex she’s ever had! I was
    so pleased to see her that happy and not only that but to see her having
    multiple orgasm’s when we were having sex. Thank you so much for posting
    this video, she’s so happy you have changed my life!

  3. I was very skeptical of hypnosis until I saw your videos, I can feel the
    effect on me even though I have to try it with my girlfriend yet. I have a
    question, will I have a desired effect I have listened to it 3 times fell
    asleep one of the times? What can I do for maximum results

  4. when you’re having sex again, oral or intercourse, you can give your
    partner some guidance and/or change position to reduce the stimulation on
    your most intensive spots. At the moment that she is about to cum, change
    again to the movement that brings you to the brink also! One typical change
    up is, if you realize that you are most easily stimulated via the tip of
    your penis when masturbating and this is your weak spot, try thrusting deep
    into your woman, and grind around in circular motions for a few seconds.
    This will lessen your sexual intensity, but the friction of your pelvis on
    her clit will make her crazy with pleasure. Then, when she’s on the edge,
    go back to long, deep rhythmic thrusts.

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