How to Cure Premature Ejaculation and Last Longer in Bed. 30 Minutes Longer! Many of us who had suffered or still suffer from premature ejaculation know how such a horrible thing it can be for a…


  1. Masturbation before sex is considered one of the best cure for premature
    ejaculation. The male should masturbate at least one hour before sex in
    order to reduce sensitivity during sex. This is also a great way to reduce
    sexual appetite to help the man last longer during sex.

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  8. Rapid climax, early ejaculation, premature ejaculation, whatever you call
    it, it’s a problem plaguing hundreds of men, although many might not admit
    That’s because ever since ancient times sexual performance has been linked
    to a man’s virility and masculinity. It’s easy to understand then why a man
    might want to avoid talking about his ejaculation concerns, either with his
    partner or anyone else. However, premature ejaculation is actually the most
    common sexual problem faced by men. Whether it is a persistent concern, or
    just an occasional incident, most men have reported having some trouble
    with controlling their ejaculation at one point or another. Please look my
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