How to hold an ejaculation ? José Toirán

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  1. It’s difficult as f#%k!. But if you manage to hit state this way it’s so
    amazing. I was successful twice. For the first few seconds I had panoramic
    vision and could see energy. Then I was filled with so much energy that I
    danced uncontrollably (I hate dancing!) and laughed for 8 hours straight. I
    literally could not hold it back. Getting there took the willpower of 1,000
    men. But I love tests of willpower!

  2. Solo male gooning builds pressure in the face and a headache. What can
    help? Also, more about the kung foo, please. Kegel’s? Sets/reps? Cosmic
    orbit meditation? All in one youtube video? 🙂 Thanks.

  3. Me encanta la sensibilidad de José! por ese punto me encuentro ahora, de
    masterizar mi propia energia sexual. Necesitamos más personas de luz,
    positivas como José. Saludos desde El Salvador hermano!…By the way, such
    a nice interview Lilou! I love the chemistry!

  4. Nice dare Lilou to present sexual taoism. I see Mantak Chia himself in the
    sidebare interviews. Great to present his transmission to the western
    world. It is funny to read some biggoted sexualy repressed comments down
    there. Could you remember on the subject of western judeo christian sexualy
    repressed society to connect with Pierre Jovanovic for a comment on the
    summerian story of Enki and Ninhursag who was edited to become the garden
    of eden genesis story (he wrote a book on the subject of the garden of eden
    plagiarism). This sexualy repressed edition of the original text is one
    root of puritanism that is about time to unroot. 

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