Jersey Girls On Premature Ejaculation

Are you a guy who busts quick and doesn’t know how your partner REALLY feels about it ? Well here are some pointers and opinions of some girls from Kean Univ…


  1. If you’re having sex with someone you think is hot as fuck, you will bust a
    nut in 2 min and be able to keep going because shes just that hot. I last
    hours even if I bust 3-4 times during that period. if u fuckin an ugly girl
    then wait 15 min after first bust and try again

  2. i nut pretty fast and i’m open about it… but i also have a very short
    refractory period so i can just continue with foreplay until i’m ready to
    go again and then i last significantly longer. never really been a
    problem. well, actually… at first it was because i didn’t really
    understand the importance of foreplay and once i came that was the end of
    things but as they say practice makes perfect

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  4. To all the girls watching who think the same as these girls in the video u
    probably dont know much about how guys bodies work. Honestly it reaaaallly
    depends its NOT gonna be the same every time . I fucked a fat ugly chick
    the other day and lasted like 2 minutes lol it was embarrassing but when i
    nutted and looked at her i felt disgusting i was like eww why the fuck did
    i just do that and no matter what she did i would not get hard again i just
    wanted to get out of there.I know every guys had that feeling before where
    they fuck or jerk off to something disgusting and feel gross after idk if
    girls know what that feels like. BUT another time when i was with my actual
    girl friend who was attractive and i had feelings for we would go for like
    15-25 mins stop for like 5 and repeat sometime for up 2 two hours and we
    would fuck mutiple times in one day cuz she turnned me on that much. so im
    just saying before ur quick to tell a guy to work on his shit maybe think u
    should work on YOURS cuz ur just not turning him on enough lol

  5. I used to do a lot of edging when I was a virgin and I’ve never had a
    problem except sometimes you just don’t cum, either from getting tired or
    just never reaching that point. but I would recommend trying edging if you
    have a problem so when you do feel like nutting you could bring it back and
    go some more.
    Also I find the more times you edge in 1 session the bigger you will bust
    and fucking feels way better than a quicky.

  6. these bastards dont do fucking FOREPLAY..THATS THE PROBLEM…..WESTERN

  7. I’ll tell you something for free. If you’re a hook-up/jumpoff, I couldn’t
    care less if I was really quick or not. I don’t care for your opinion. So
    be grateful you’ve got me hard, that’s an achievement in itself. Shxt.

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