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  1. Haha yeah I know way too much about this. xD Last night, well since
    Wednesday, I was out of town in Decatur and Springfiel IL, through
    Saturday, for a dog show. Now, I TOLD this person who was helping my mother
    and I drive Wednesday night that « When it comes friday night, we’re gonna
    hear some noise soooo, lets go to sleep early. » She was in disbelief, but I
    was just thinking, « OK then think like that ». So Friday after noon came
    about, and I forget about that statement. Since it was her birthday Friday,
    we also decided to get her some cake, and a few drinks *wink*, ontop of
    that I said « Hey, do you want to watch a movie tonight too? » And she
    agreed. That night we spent a little time trying to find a movie but, since
    she had never seen Django I thought why not. Its an amazing movie and in
    one of my favorite categories. Western AND Vigilante.

    SO. As SOON as 8 came I started hearing bumping. By 9:30.. I knew they were
    fucking. Straight up winging, bumping, you name it. I said « What did I tell
    you? » xD

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