retrograde ejaculation

Retrograde ejaculation or dry ejaculation is not a very common urologic condition. It can be caused by medication, surgery on the prostate gland, or medical …


  1. I found a way to reverse it also. In my case, I get retrograde ejaculation
    from the pill flomax fir my prostate. flomax and rapaflo are notorious for
    RE. One day i decided to experiment and see if i can prevent this so i
    started to masterbate and stop at the point of climax right before im ready
    to cum. Then i started again a few seconds later right before i lost my
    arousal and i came. I experimented this standing up and lying down. I get
    more to come out when im lying down. I hope this helps out more people as
    it works great for me.

  2. I have a question sir. You see the person I’m engaged to has a major
    problem. He cannot orgasm at all. He feels it come close after hours and
    then nothing. He can only ejaculate when masturbating. I’m not sure if this
    is retarded ejaculation or not. I suspect so. Does that diagnosis sound
    correct and What is the therapy and treatment for that condition?

  3. I have diabetes and RE, so I found this video VERY helpful. My question is
    this: I’m leery of taking the decongestants due to the blood pressure side
    effects. If I take OTC antihistamines( I’m assuming the ones you mentioned
    are OTC anyway), how should they be taken…e.g. 30-45 minutes prior to

  4. I also have diabetes and have had RE for many years. Is there possibly any
    way to repair the damaged nerves that are involved with RE or any nerves
    actually damaged by the diabetes. What about stem cell research?

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